Pros & Cons of Minimum Proposal initiation

Can someone tell what the pros and cons are? At the moment 4M and 10M are in the running. With 10m maybe only a dozen wallets would be able to start a proposal currently. With 4m that moves to less than 30 wallets. Ten mill seems to small of a population at least currently for now. Four mil gives a bit larger population with greater chance of some of those being involved enough to support a proposal that has been proposed.



There is seemingly no right number here. 4mm makes for a more inclusive process without the need for coalition-building, in advance of making the proposal. 10mm puts the focus on coalition-building to make the proposal, providing greater assurance a proposal will pass should it be posted. To my mind, it may work either way–it really comes down to how the community wants this initial stage of governance to play out.

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