Next UNION Chain

UNION is committed currently to bringing its technology cross-chain to Avalanche and Polygon. What are thoughts regarding the next chains to follow?

BINANCE, FANTOM, HARMONY, HEDERA? Open to ideas and opinions.

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My pick is CUDOS. I think UNN would do fantastic joining that network and all the innovation that is about to take place.

They’re launching their mainnet in January. They’ll need an insurer at some point for all the projects that are going to be built on their chain.

They’ll be the first blockchain to offer cloud computing services to the network directly out of the box. They have partnerships with Elrond, Luna, API3, Ultra, Playstation and others.

They also have a partnership and close relationship with the GPU manufacturer AMD. AMD will actually be making their chips so people can provide computing power to the CUDOS network directly out of the box. You can monetize the computers in your home.

I like to invest in utility which is what drew me to UNN, CUDOS has a lot of utility and I believe working with other chains that provide utility is the future of crypto. We’ll actually have products with real world, working use cases.

Another similarity is that CUDOS has been working on their project for almost 4 years with the same philosophy of UNN - to build a strong product before heavily marketing something that’s incomplete. They have over 100k nodes on their network capable of providing compute and anticipate millions next year after mainnet.

I just see so much opportunity to insure the projects that will be built on that network. Nows a good time to enter. I truly believe in UNN and this community and can’t wait to see SCP in action.

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I think Hedera Hashgraph would be perfect for us. AllianceBlock build their bridge on top of Hedera as well and they are dealing with digital bonds. Hedera is still in it’s infancy and many others are competing from other chains. Thanks for good work! :pray: Hedera is also working with supply chains.

Look at the REEF ecosystem developing. They are constructing a large Ecosystem based on a Polkadot substrate and bridging with the Eth, Cosmos, Avalanche, and Binance chains. They also say they transfer liquidity between the Reef and Eth chains. Here is what part of their About Reef says “Reef’s global liquidity aggregator searches the entire DeFi landscape to provide the best investment opportunities to users, in an all in one platform. Moreover, Reef’s AI power smart analytics engine provides personalized investment advice to users, allowing them to invest in DeFi tokens as per their profit target and risk appetite. To lower the entry barrier for DeFi investors, Reef has partnered with some of the leading DeFi players, such as Avalanche, Kava, and OpenDeFi, allowing users to access investment opportunities on all these partner platforms through Reef’s application.”

What if one day that AI would list insurance type of coverage from Union.

Whatever garners the most users the better in my opinion.