MOAR Airdrop to rUNN Holders

Greetings UNION Community,

The team has made it clear that it would be up to us, the UNION Protocol Governance Token holders, to vote on the disbursement of MOAR tokens held by the UNION Protocol Foundation (MOAR token reserves).

On that note, I think that this disbursement of MOAR tokens held by the UNION Protocol Foundation, henceforth referred to as an “airdrop”, should follow a structure that will drive the most buy pressure for the UNION Protocol Governance Token (UNN).

The terms of the airdrop should be as follows:

-To discourage airdrop “sniping”, recipients of the airdrop will only include bearers of the UNION Protocol Rewards Token (rUNN), which can be obtained by staking UNN at

-The airdrop will be proportionally distributed only to addresses with at least 100k rUNN.

-The airdrop at completion should total 1/3 of the foundation’s 2,000,000 allotted MOAR to preserve the Foundation’s discretionary funding for development.

-Per the MOAR vesting schedule, these Foundation tokens will be unlocked for airdrop at the end of April 2022.

-The airdrop should consist of 7 equal disbursements over the course of 3 months to ease price impact on the MOAR token and maintain stability in the price of the UNN token.

-The terms of the airdrop should be heavily promoted on all official channels including Twitter, Telegram, and Medium at least a month in advance to encourage new purchasers to buy and stake UNN to receive the airdrop.

If you want to sponsor this proposal, I can be reached on Telegram: @RustyTheGamer


@Rusty, I will happily sponsor the proposal.


Going to get with some community members and refine the terms a bit. Thank you for your reply.

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When is the MOAR token disbursement snapshot going to be taken? I mean I bought in few weeks ago. I mean mid october. Am I late? Hopefully I am still in in this possibility. I love MOAR and all airdrops. :+1:

MOAR distribution becomes available to the UNN team around the end of April 2022. CURENT THINKING is to provide airdrop of 1/3 of MOAR tokens in UNION Treasury to all current token holders who were holders as-of that date and to all current token holders of a to-be-voted position size at present.

Again, the mechanism for consideration will be held to vote.

Would there be a way to put all the allocated MOAR for the airdrop, stake it into the moar platform on polygon(or most popular chain), and allow people to claim their allotment from the protocol itself with vesting. This would allow unclaimed MOAR to remain vested for the treasury wallet and then produce an income for the treasury? Would force eyes upon a few different sections of the MOAR product and potentially draw people to stay staked/locked while bolstering the connection between unn/moar over giving people a few bucks to dump on an exchange.

Could also time the airdrop/vesting schedule to coincide with TVL pushes to allow the protocol at least some recapturing of the incentives being given away.